Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I did concepts for Thor knowing that we (Legacy Effects) 
would be building all of King Laufey and Ice Giant make-ups, suits and armor
When a real actor is involved you need to take care and use real proportions.
7-1/2 to 8 heads tall kids not 10!

                                           This is the one the guys at Marvel called "the Brute"
                      a certain element was throwing around the term "brute" as a slam, I embrace it.
                                               (I know, I know, inside baseball)

                                                                      the brute!

                                   A chorus line of cod pieces....Watch the jazz hands please!

                                                      King-Laufey make-up design

                                        King-Laufey side needed me to tell you that.

King-Laufey wardrobe

                                                            King-Laufey helmet design

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