Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orkin Rats

Orkin Rats
I have to say I love working on the Orkin commercials! All the people at the ad agency
are super cool and it usually means puppeteering giant bugs and rats. What's not to love?
If you have not seen the latest commercials, they feature two 7 foot rats playing Guitar Hero while the 
family is out. iIt's funny and they rock! 

You would not believe the crap you go through with guitar designs. I did a "flying V"
and every other shape of guitar I could think of. The legal department however was so worried
 about copyright infringement, we ended up doing some weak-ass free hand thing.Everyone thought 
was a Fender Strat, Ha! See, we went out of our way to make it nondescript and it turned out looking
 like the most common guitar in the world......

                                                         My fave, the "Les Paul Jr" rip-off

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