Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This was the first show that I did as a digital character designer.
 In retrospect, A Jim Cameron movie seems the wrong place
 to try out your new untested free wheelin' thing,
 but he got it.

I'm jumping ahead a few years, I did this Neytiri for Legacy Effects and Sideshow collectables.
I did the sculpt but the guys at the shop did all the finishing.

Full shot

fun fact: Neytiri was 9 feet 6 inches tall, and Jake was 9 feet 7 3/4 inches tall 
okay, not that fun but you didn't know it!

Here is the sculpt view in Z-Brush

                                                   Grace sculpt Zbrush-2, no subtools!

                                                                  Final-ish Grace

                                                           Jake expression sculpt

                                                      Jake color, still working on proportions

                                 This was the piece that sold Jim on the idea of Digital maquettes

 Norm Sclupt

 I must have done a hundred of these didn't get credit but they still look cool!

So, 6 weeks before the release of Avatar we get a call from Jim saying that there was a bug on a tree that didn't look right, and we need a new design A.S.A.P.! Really? 6 weeks out and the biggest problem facing this movie is a bug? Well, long story short we designed a new bug, they put it in the movie, and, BAM!! biggest movie of all time!
 I like to think it was the bug.....
                                                         look I used all the colors!
                                 black and white, to capture the moments of our lives...

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