Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skulls

To work on an Indiana Jones movie was a childhood dream.
Say what you will about the movie, I got to design the crystal skeletons
and hand the skull to Harrison Ford dressed as Indy on set.
No he would not let me try the whip.... 

      Here is just a small sample of the skulls I did for the first meeting with Spielberg
                                 Back in the day, beta testing Zbrush 3

                                            cool mental ray renders in XSI
                                         (the glass shaders did all the work)

                                    Could you even see the brains inside the ones in the movie?
                                     notice the tag "Genre Project" super secret. If you even
                                     mentioned the state of Indiana you got smacked.

                                               Just a look at the sculpt in Zbrush

another look at the ribcage

Hot off the 3D printer Yummm!
This was back in the Stan Winston days
(Seems so long ago now)

Headless, but with style!
this is the almost finished 9 footer, we made 13 of them.

found these on a table....

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