Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ironman 2
This was a strange project for me, I don't do robots.
 I love robots, but I don't really design them.
           I quickly became okay with it when Jon Favreau said that these where
 the failed attempts of other countries. I said "Hey, I can do that,  fail is right there in the description!"

Big, bulky and green, what can I say I like the Hulk

Korea got the "Star wars" bot with the Kim Jong il Tattoo.

Yeah, I worked on Avatar so what of it?

This was supposed to be Russia, What? it red!

                                                                        I got nothin'
                                               can you believe I put a army doll next to him

Again "G-I don't know"

no comment...

Canada got the biggest guns of all
(it was funny to me)

Whiplash was supposed to go all "James Bond" with a "mini whip" on Ironman,
 but in the end this is not James Bond it's F-ing IRONMAN

 F-ing side view....sorry I got carried away

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