Friday, October 21, 2011




I did a crap load of concepts for this film but I can't seem to find the folder with all the pix!
When (if) I find them I will post them.but for now here's two.

Note to self... Label folders with show name.
                      Label pix with show/ character name.
                      Stop using names like "thing","thingy","monster"," monster thingy"etc.



I wanted to try something that looks more traditional so I did my version of Gen. George Washington         (a hero of mine!)
A painted look using a 3d model as a base. It went quick, about 2 hours.
The model only took about an hour, if I wanted a new angle or an expression I could do a quick 10 min. tweak and paint it up in an hour or so.
That's faster than I can paint from scratch.

Death Card

the Death Card

                                                           fun with Zbrush and photoshop

Thursday, October 20, 2011

John Carter of Mars

John Carter Of Mars

I had the good fortune to do designs for next years John Carter movie It was directed by Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) and comes out on my birthday 03-09-11.
 You have to understand, I have been a fan of John Carter ever since I was 9 or 10 years old. To get a chance to work on the film would have been enough, but I got to do all the designs for all the none human characters on the film except for the "White Apes". 
To say it was a dream come true is the understatement of a lifetime!

Thanks, Andrew, Mark, Colin, Jon, Nathan
Save me a seat in the middle.

ATT Bedtime Stories

AT&T Bedtime Stories

Here is how my life goes:
 Work all week to meet crazy deadlines
 You meet deadlines.
 Friday comes,.
 You leave work.
 You get a phone call on the way home.
 "Hey, wanna do some designs of fairy tale characters? "
Then you work all weekend.
 Start over on Monday!

Not complainin' just sayin'.

                                                                        Big Bad Wolf

                                                                      Three Little Pigs

                                                                 The Three Bears


Orkin Rats

Orkin Rats
I have to say I love working on the Orkin commercials! All the people at the ad agency
are super cool and it usually means puppeteering giant bugs and rats. What's not to love?
If you have not seen the latest commercials, they feature two 7 foot rats playing Guitar Hero while the 
family is out. iIt's funny and they rock! 

You would not believe the crap you go through with guitar designs. I did a "flying V"
and every other shape of guitar I could think of. The legal department however was so worried
 about copyright infringement, we ended up doing some weak-ass free hand thing.Everyone thought 
was a Fender Strat, Ha! See, we went out of our way to make it nondescript and it turned out looking
 like the most common guitar in the world......

                                                         My fave, the "Les Paul Jr" rip-off


Metro PCS Fantasy Creatures

Metro PCS Fantasy Creatures

I did these a while back for an Metro PCS commercial. they wanted all these mythic creatures
having mundane conversations about phone bills. I worked over a weekend to come up with these.  

                        Had fun on this one , they decided on a more traditional look in the end.
                        I did end up doing the final design but I like this one better.

 For some reason I like this guy, in the spot he had a beard and long hair, again I went  the other way.

                                                 For Petes sake would you cover your self!

                                                         that's better, not much, but better....

The Baba Yaga

The Baba Yaga
I did this for Kolby Jukes now de-funked "Sinister Circle"sculpting site.
Once again I found inspiration in the pages of Hellboy

Gnomon Giant

Gnomon Giant

I did this for a 2 DVD tutorial for the Gnomon Workshop
The DVDs feature me droning on for a few hours about
 character design and digital sculpting, blah blah blah...
Just kidding (really!)
If you are interested in digital sculpting, give em a try, or if you have 
some extra cash and your trying to think of an artist to give it to....

The Phantom

The Phantom.
This was fun, who doesn't love the Phantom? I mean besides the girl in the movie who gets kidnapped...well you know what I mean.
I posted this on the great and sadly missed Kolby Jukes site "The Sinister Circle".
Come on Kolby start the "circle"again.

Black Flame

The Black Flame
Sometimes I find that I want to sculpt something but have no desire to do an 
original piece (you know with all that thinkin').
When that happens I can always count on Mike Mignola as a source of inspiration. I really
Love the Hellboy universe and all its characters   

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Am Number 4

I am number 4
I did a bit of creature design on this one. Very fun monsters.

This is the final version of the Piken 

A better view of the wicked little beast

A good friend of mine Bernie Wrightson did a sketch of a mouth that had some 
really cool protruding teeth so I threw them in and BAM! instant awesome! 

this was an early pass of the Piken, Spielberg wanted a "space raptor".
 I may have gone a bit space chicken.

Again early version of the Piken

and now with the new flying squirrel attachment!

Head study

These guys were called the Mogs.
I have to say that my Mogs don't hold a candle to the ones that my Friend Simon Webber did.
We didn't end up doing the ones for the movie so who cares?

                                                                       and again
                                                                       and again....

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burtons' Alice
I really wanted to work on this movie, so bad in fact that I did an entire Bandersnatch model just to show Tim some eye designs. In the end all I ended up doing was giving him some eye color options for a silicone eye.
Well that's how the mop flops. In this case it was the Bandersnatch that got the sharp stick in the eye and not me, I came out with some fun artwork.

                                     Here is the model/study that I did from exsisting designs

                              I swear I must have done 200 of these, I think Tim picked brown....

                                               Again, I don't know how many of these I did.
                                                                   Tim picked round...

      These were fun, however in the movie he just closes his eye and Roberts your dads brother.
                                                                 no need for design
                                                                          and again....
                                I thought the spider was a nice Tim Burton touch, Tim didn't....


This was the first show that I did as a digital character designer.
 In retrospect, A Jim Cameron movie seems the wrong place
 to try out your new untested free wheelin' thing,
 but he got it.

I'm jumping ahead a few years, I did this Neytiri for Legacy Effects and Sideshow collectables.
I did the sculpt but the guys at the shop did all the finishing.

Full shot

fun fact: Neytiri was 9 feet 6 inches tall, and Jake was 9 feet 7 3/4 inches tall 
okay, not that fun but you didn't know it!

Here is the sculpt view in Z-Brush

                                                   Grace sculpt Zbrush-2, no subtools!

                                                                  Final-ish Grace

                                                           Jake expression sculpt

                                                      Jake color, still working on proportions

                                 This was the piece that sold Jim on the idea of Digital maquettes

 Norm Sclupt

 I must have done a hundred of these didn't get credit but they still look cool!

So, 6 weeks before the release of Avatar we get a call from Jim saying that there was a bug on a tree that didn't look right, and we need a new design A.S.A.P.! Really? 6 weeks out and the biggest problem facing this movie is a bug? Well, long story short we designed a new bug, they put it in the movie, and, BAM!! biggest movie of all time!
 I like to think it was the bug.....
                                                         look I used all the colors!
                                 black and white, to capture the moments of our lives...

Pirate Zombies